Buy An Organ

There are three types of organ to consider; the traditional pipe organ, the electric organ or the virtual organ. There are lists of pipe organ builders and retailers available from:

Choir and Organ

Organ Fax


For other types of organ, please refer to the individual sites below:

Electronic Organ

Viscount Organs Wales  are sponsors of The Organ Manual, not least because of their desire to make the organ accessible and affordable to all. They offer a wide range of organs for a wide range of budgets as well as payment plans. Whilst based in Wales, Viscount Organ Wales can supply and install organs across the country, both for hire and for purchase. The Organ Manual is proud and grateful for the sponsorship provided by them.

Allen Organs

Copeman Hart

Eminent Organs

Phoenix Organs

Regent Classic Organs


Viscount Organs Wales

Wyvern Organ Builders

Virtual Organ

Information on choosing a virtual pipe organ may be found on a site by Colin Pykett. UK retailers are:

DH Midi-Organs

Eminent Organs

HWS Systems

Magnus Organs