Incorporated Association of Organists

IAO logoThe Incorporated Association of Organists (IAO) supports Local Organ Associations (LOAs). It is a charity that provides support, education and training for organists and organ enthusiasts as well as choral trainers. The IAO has 5,000 members worldwide, supports 80 LOA’s and produces a quarterly magazine, ‘The Organists’ Review’.


There is an excellent network of Organ Associations across the UK. They offer local support, events, recitals and resources. Go to the association page on the IAO website where there are links to individual sites and contact details, or follow the relevant links below. Many of the local associations can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Aberdeen & District Organists’ Association

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Organists’ Association

Berkshire Organists’ Association 

Bexley District and Organists’ and Choir Masters Association

Birmingham Organists’ Association

Bolton and District Organists’ Association

Borders Guild of Organists’ and Church Musicians

Bournemouth and District Association of Organists 

Bradford Organists’ Association 

Brighton and District Organists’ Association 

Bristol and District Organists’ Association

Bromley and Croydon Organists’ Association

Buckinghamshire Organists’ Association

Cambridge Organists’ Association 

Chester & North East Wales Organists’ and Choirmasters’ Association 

City of London and Eastern Society of Organists 

Cleveland Organists and Choirmasters Association

Cornwall Organists’ Association

Coventry and Warwickshire Organists’ Association

Crawley and Horsham Organists’ Association

Cumbrian Society of Organists 

Darlington & District Organists’ and Choirmasters Association 

Derby and District Organists’ Association

Dorset Organists’ Association

East Surrey Organists’ Association 

Edinburgh Society of Organists 

Enfield and District Organists Association

Essex Organists’ Association

Exeter and District Organists’ Association

Glasgow Society of Organists 

Gloucestershire Organists’ Association 

Halifax & District Organists’ Association

Herefordshire Organists’ Association

Hull and East Riding Organ Group

Isle of Man Organists’ Association – Facebook

Isle of Wight Organists’ Association

Kent County Organists’ Association 

Lanarkshire Organists

Leeds Organists’ Association

Leicester and District Organists Association

Lichfield and District Organists’ Association

Lincolnshire Organists’ Association 

Liverpool Organists’ Association 

Manchester Organists’ Association 

Newbury & District Organists’ Association 

Newcastle upon Tyne & District Society of Organists 

Norfolk Organists’ Association 

North Hampshire Organists’ Association 

North Staffordshire and District Organists’ Society 

Northampton and District Organists’ Association 

Nottingham & District Society of Organists 

Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside Organists# Association

Oxford & District Organists’ Association 

Peterborough and District Organists’ Association

Plymouth and District Organists’ Association 

Portsmouth & District Organists’ Association

Preston and District Organists’ Association

Salisbury and District Organists’ Association

Sheffield Organists Association

Shrewsbury Organists Association

Somerset Organists and Choirs Association

South East Wales Organists’ Association

Southwark and South London Society of Organists 

Stirling and District Society of Organists

Suffolk Organists’ Association 

Surrey Organists Association

Tayside Organists Association

Torbay and District Organists’ Association

Ulster Society of Organists’ and Choirmasters

Wakefield and District Organists’ Association

West Sussex Organists’ Association 

Wiltshire & Bath Organists’ Association 

Winchester and District Association of Organists

Windsor Organists

Worcestershire Organists

York and District Organists’ Association