September 2019 Review

It’s been a very exciting month for The Organ Manual. The launch of a new site is always daunting, but many positive comments have been made and there has been a great deal of interaction with the site, so that has been a good start. The social media pages have seen an increase in followers and much information has been shared.

In an exciting development for the site, the IAO and Organists’ Review will be working with The Organ Manual. They will be hosting the site and assisting in publicity as time goes by. In the meantime, various articles have been written for publication in several magazines and papers over the next few months. You may already have seen a piece in Church Times.

It’s not only been a big month for The Organ Manual, but also for those who have applied for Organ Scholarships and in particular those who have had organ trials at Oxbridge. Congratulations to all those who were successful.

Thank you to everyone who has sent information to add to the site. Please keep it coming, the more information added to the site, the more useful it will be to everyone using it. A summary of amendments or additions is below.

Page Amendments
Organisations Guild of Church Musicians

Oundle for Organists

Did You Know….. New area of the site.

Added a text box in right sidebar to provide ‘Did you know…’ information. There is more information available in FAQ.

Two ‘Did you know….’ entries made

For Interest
For Hearing Organ Recitals has been amended to organrecitals.com
For Education Added links to ‘For Students’
For Owners
For Players Organ Improvisations
Buy Organ Music IMSLP – Free Sheet Music
For Students
Exams & Qualifications Victoria College Exams
Find a Teacher Incorporated Society of Musicians

Oundle for Organistsmentoring opportunities

For Vacancies
Organ Scholarships Scotland Churches Trust
Organist Vacancies – Permanent RSCM – direct link to job vacancies 



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