October 2019 Review

It has been another busy month in the organ world! Following on from the organ scholar appointments from the organ trials in September, many of those who were appointed last year have now started their degrees and played at their first services as University students. In addition, there have been many appointments in Cathedrals and Chapels across the UK. Congratulations to all who were successful in their applications and auditions. One of those who has recently been appointed will be writing a guest blog for The Organ Manual in a few months time.

I’ve been pleased to see Diocese of Leeds are advertising for two new organ teachers for their organ training scheme. It was also good to read about six new students from Urswick School trying the organ through the St Paul’s Choir outreach scheme. Toon Organists have been encouraging people to give it a go too and Barney School have launched a Young Organist Scheme. I think these are all exciting developments for keeping the King of Instruments alive.

I’ve really enjoyed reading the many tweets from @AllyPallyOrgan and learning more about the magnificent instrument. Meanwhile, it’s been great to see the progress of the organ refurbishment at Salisbury Cathedral (through John Challenger) and likewise at The Blue Coat School. Of course progress has been made on the many organ refurbishment schemes and more can be seen about this through the Facebook links.

Several courses have been released for booking this month. Oundle for Organists have released dates of their Easter and Summer courses and they are available for booking now. Between them, these courses offer something for all levels of young organist and a great deal can be gained from attending them including friendships! For those looking to take CRCO, ARCO or FRCO qualifcations the RCO have released details of an Easter course which may be of help.

The RSCM have announced the appointment of their new Head of Organ Studies, Rosemary Field. I hope The Organ Manual will be able to work with Rosemary in due course, but for now it’s a case of ‘watch this space’.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read the October guest blog by Andrew Butler about A New Facebook Page. His page continues to grow its following and is proving to be a welcome source of help and advice along with chats about many aspects of the organ. Speaking of growing, The Organ Manual Twitter account has a growing following, with well over 400 followers. Thank you to each and every one of you!

There has been another article in the press this month about The Organ Manual prompting a new page In the Press to be added. There have been some additions to the site on other pages as well as a couple of other new pages. All the information is detailed below. I have also amended the commenting options on the site. To help keep it uncluttered, comments have now been limited to blog posts only, where discussion may be had. This does not mean I don’t appreciate your comments I do! Please use the Contact Me to get in touch, let me know your thoughts or let me know about a link which would be useful on the site. This month Anthony from Music Repair Services did just that and I am delighted to feature the company on the site.

Most users and followers of The Organ Manual will know I am in year 10 at school and in the midst of my GCSE studies. My parents said they would support my building of this site and help me keep it up to date when studies demand my time. My Mum is going to help me out for a while as I concentrate on my school work. You may therefore see her name rather than mine on Facebook shares etc. It will continue to be me who responds to mails and communications though!

Whilst October was busy, November will be busier with Remembrance Services and Christmas preparations. Good luck with it all! And for those who are able to make it, I hope you have a fabulous time at La Revolte Des Orgues! I wish I could be there, but will have to make do with enjoying the reviews.

Best wishes


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