The Organ Scholar Gift List

Inspired by a Twitter conversation about the perfect gift for organ scholars, here’s a list of the suggestions:

2B pencils (at least 10!)

Post-it labeling and cover-up tape

Post-it notes in lots of colours and sizes

A metronome

Feet warmers

Artist sketchbooks – so they can put music into page-turn free format

Glue (see above)


Bulldog clips

A good book for the less-than-stimulating sermons

A book on choir/people management

John Bertalot’s ‘How to be a Successful Choir Director’

David Sanger’s ‘Play the Organ’

Peter Hurford’s ‘Making Music on the Organ’

Gordon Reynold’s ‘Organo Pleno’

Guide on how to create service booklets

Guide on how to organise music

Photocopier manual

Fingerless gloves

A warm jumper

Singing lessons


A reliable watch

Sourdough starter kit

Fisherman’s Friends


Bicycle repair kit

Nail scissors/clippers and a nail file

Flask and something (caffeinated) to put in it!