The Organ Manual is ONE!

The Organ Manual was launched a year ago today! The twelve months have flown by and whilst the aims and objectives of the site have remained constant, it has continued to be developed and added to and most importantly, I think, maintained, to ensure it is as relevant and useful as it can be to all those who use it.

I thought as users of the site you might be interested in some facts and figures, so here goes:

The website has had over 5,000 individual visitors who have viewed over 15,000 pages. Whilst the site promotes the UK organ world, there are users from around the globe logging on. Including this piece, 34 blog posts have been published and there are many more lined up for the coming months. There are currently 51 subscribers to the site.

The Facebook page is followed by 449 people, Instagram by over 200 and the Twitter feed by 870. Our Twitter presence has been going a little longer than the other social channels and during it’s time it has shared over 7,500 tweets – good, shocking, sad and happy news and views.

I set up The Organ Manual because I felt there was a need for a one-stop shop (pun intended!) for organ information. Having received thanks from users looking for vestments or music, I know that the site has been of use and am thrilled and humbled when such mails come through. It delights me each time I ask someone to write a piece for the blog and they agree to do so, or when people approach me asking to write one. I hope you will agree that there have been some amazing articles providing a range of insights into the organ world. Finally, I am most proud that two organisations, the RSCM and Viscount Organs Wales kindly offer sponsorship to help maintain and fund the site.

So, what will happen next?

Now I know the concept of The Organ Manual works, I will be looking at promoting it more. With the generous funding I receive I will be looking at more advertising, largely through social media. I will also be looking at how promotion can work in various settings across the country – any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

2020/21 is a big year for me. As a result of lock down, some of my personal music aspirations, including DipARSM piano, Grade 8 organ and singing, have been on hold for a while. As long as the lifting of restrictions continues, I hope to take my Grade 8 organ exam later this year and Dip ABRSM piano and Grade 8 singing next summer. I shall also be taking my GCSE exams next summer, so there really is a lot going on. To help, my Mum is going to assist me with the maintenance of the site as well as manage the social media accounts. I hope you won’t notice the transition. The Organ Manual will continue to do what it was set up to do – promote the King of Instruments in a proactive and positive way.

Finally, a thank you – to all those who read, follow, comment, write, tweet, tag and share organ stories with The Organ Manual. The site or media would not be anything without each and every one of you.

Very best wishes

Anna x

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  1. Congratulations on this incredible achievement Anna, your dedication and passion to all organ-related matters truly does shine through on this special day.


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